Aviation Human Factors Case Analysis

Topics: Kegworth air disaster, Boeing 737 Classic, Logic Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: May 12, 2015

Aviation Human Factors Case Analysis Peer-Review for Miki Mullen Aviation Human Factors Flight U363 By: Diego Jean-Pierre ASCI_202 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Kegworth Air Disaster

The case Analysis is on the Kegworth Air Disaster. The Disaster is about the British Midland Airline Flight 92 was a Boeing 737-499t hat departed London-Heathrow on January 8, 1989 with a destination of Belfast, Ireland. The Argument here is organizational failure of inadequate training of the pilots. According to the investigation report written by EJ Trimble both pilots had spent many hours in the Boeing 737-300 series but were new to the 400 series. The case here was the complete lack of training from the pilots. The pilots were given responsibility of human lives without being proficient on the aircraft they were flying. All that had been provided to the pilots on the changes in air conditioning systems was a study guide, which could not help them anyway. The pilots disregarded protocol by shutting down the wrong engine, because of prior experience in flying a different series of the same model. Another problem was the lack of communication, the cabin crew saw the smoke and did not relay the information to the pilots. The case analysis states that prevention of the accident could have been avoided if there were communication between the pilots and the cabin crew. A recommendation that was made is better crew management and training. Overall a very informative case analysis that is a great example of the dangers of improperly trained personnel operating commercial...
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