Countryside Care Nursing Home

Topics: Nursing, The Residents, Accident Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Craig was hired to perform a safety consultation for Countryside Care Nursing Home. Countryside nursing home has experienced a rising number in accidents due to resident transfer. Craig was tasked with finding a cost justified way to reduce injuries in the facility.

During resident transfer the nursing home requires that patients be lifted by two nurse’s aides at a time. Although the nurses were trained to follow all the best practices to prevent injury to both themselves and the patients, accidents were still happening.

• Possible Solutions. List the management actions that may be taken to prevent a similar accident from happening. Remember, we human beings make mistakes. We will also avoid "things" that make the work harder or does not make sense to us.

There are several solutions that could help the facility reduce accidents. The most cost effective solution is to ensure management commitment. Management should stress the importance of safety for the residents and the importance of the safety of the workers. Management should require full cooperation from employees. Improvements to safety and ergonomics should take financial priority. Items like weight belts, sliding boards and geri-chairs are relatively inexpensive compared to the amount of injuries caused by the stress of moving and repositioning residents. Employees should be required to complete additional and more effective training. Management should discuss this commitment with the employees and allow them to voice concerns as well as give suggestions to increase the productivity of the safety program. [ ]

A review of a neighboring nursing home was done as a comparison. Wyandot County Nursing home has implemented a “no-lift” policy. Lifts have been placed in each room to assist nurse’s aides with resident transfers. Although this is a more costly solution, the lifts can be installed at a rate that suits the...
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