Understand Health And Safety In Social

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Understand health and safety in social care settings.

1.1 legislation relating to general health and safety in a social care setting would be Health and safety at work act,
Manual handling operations regulations,
Control of substances hazardous to health regulations
Health and safety first aid regulations,
Management of health and safety at work regulations.

1.2 The main points of the policies and procedures are to ensure everyone follows the same guidelines, is safe and to minimise the chance of accidents. 1.3 The main health and safety responsibilities of

The social care worker –
- To participate in health and safety training.
-To report any potential and actual hazards and risks to the employer. -Be responsible for their own and others health and safety.
-To understand and follow all health and safety procedures and policies.

The employer or manager –
- Provide training, information, instruction and supervision. - To provide safety signs.
- Provide appropriate PPE for staff.
- Provide a safe place to work.
- Carry out risk assessments.
- Provide adequate first aid and welfare facilities

The individual-
-Take reasonable care for own and others health and safety.
-Understand and follow health and safety instructions and procedures. -Work with the carer to use equipment safety.

1.4 Certain tasks relating to health and safety that should only be carried out after special training would be- - Moving and handling- the use of hoists, stand aids ECT
- giving medication

1.5 To access additional support and information relating to health and safety, you could use the workplace policies and procedures; you could also go to your manager or look online.

2.1 The meaning of ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ is the potential that someone could get hurt and risks are factors that influence whether something is safe to do. 2.2 A health and safety risk assessment should be used to evaluate how safe the surroundings are, how mobile a person is- what assistance they need i.e. walking frames, commodes, any potential hazards and to give suggestions on how these risks could be reduced

2.3 If you notice a potential health and safety risk it should be immediately reported to your manager and recorded

2.4 Risk assessments can help address dilemmas between an individual’s rights and health and safety concerns by documenting the risks found and informing the client of this, but being aware they will make their own decisions and still decide what they want to do, a plan will be put in place allowing free will but by reducing as many risks as possible.

3.1 Different types on accidents and serious illness that may occur in a social care setting could be… -heart attack,
3.2 The procedures to follow in an accident or emergency would depend on the situation For an emergency 999 would immediately be called and any advice followed, when safe to do so your ,manager would also need to be informed and everything documented. If the person was in no immediate danger you would call their gp to come and check them over, informing your manager and documenting everything. 3.3 Emergency first aid tasks must only be carried out between qualified first aiders, as you may make the situation worse by giving inappropriate treatment, you would also then be liable if anything went wrong. 4.1 There are different routes infections can get into the body, these could include – the mouth, cuts, peg sites and catheters. 4.2 Your own health and hygiene might also pose a risk to an individual or to others at work, if you haven’t washed your hands before making a meal, germs will get onto the food and be ingested by others which could result in illness. 4.3 The most thorough way to wash your hands …

- wet hands with warm running water, squirt liquid soap into one hand. -rub hands together, making a lather.
-rub the palm of one hand along the back of the other and along the fingers, repeat with the...
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