Availability of Clear Portable Water in the World Is Becoming a Nightmare

Topics: Water, Irrigation, Water supply Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Water is a very valuable in our daily lives. Water is composed of two kinds of gases as we know, Oxygen and Hydrogen. There are two kinds of water, which is, sweet and saline. But water is originally sweet. It only becomes salty when it comes in contact with the mineral salts while passing and flowing through the land. The water which is of the sea, ocean and lakes are salty/saline. Water that has a very important role for all living creatures on our planet has been decreasing day by day. Global, water problem issues are attracting and increasing attention. The shortage of water is becoming more and more serious in most of the areas of our planet because the demand for water is increasing for household supplies, agricultural supplies and manufactural supplies. Secondly, the awareness about the value of water is another reason of water crisis. Also, the change in the climate is drastically affecting the global water availability. For instant, droughts occur very frequently in many areas, but on the other hand, others are hit by foods that brought heavy destruction and destroyed everything including dams, canals etc. Finally as a result, the supply of water problem will become more instant. What can we do? If we think about it and brainstorm a little bit we can get many solutions for this issue. How can we save water? Here are a few solutions.

Governments should implement laws or taxes in order to punish the people if water is being used in an inappropriate way. Also In the fields of agriculture, we can implement new technologies for example, rainwater water harvesting. Rainwater collected from the roofs of normal houses and local institutions is called as harvesting. Then this water is used for garden, for irrigation, cleaning of bathrooms, and many more. The harvested water can be used for drinking water as well if the storage is a tank that can be accessed and cleaned when needed. Unlike cities, most water used to irrigate farms is not usually returned to the...
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