Water Crisis in Australia

Topics: Water resources, Drought, Water crisis Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: September 4, 2011
Nathania Appaduray 10A

The lack of water is one of the major issues affecting Australians today; however, those in power are still not coming up with reasonable solutions.

It's interesting to note that in Victoria, with the upcoming state election, all of a sudden there are these different policies floating around on how to solve the water crisis. Why does it always take an election to come up with solutions to the problems facing Australians?

The water crisis is not a new problem. With the drought occurring for many years in most parts of Australia, we should be at a stage of finding new water sources instead of just coming up with ideas on how to access more water. It's also interesting to note how different local governments in Australia act during these dry times.

There are some local governments who are being really proactive and implementing water restrictions, even to the extent where you can't water outside at all. People are using a bucket when they shower and then tipping this water onto their gardens to keep them going.

But, in other parts of Australia, where the drought is biting just as hard, if not harder, the local governments are not acting on this major issue in a real proactive manner. They have only restricted the days in which residents are able to use water outside.

The water crisis is a common problem throughout Australia and therefore should be treated with a national approach. Every single person should be forced to do their bit to conserve water so our future generations have water to drink and shower.

At this stage, with the worst drought in history according to some media reports, water should be used only for the necessary uses in life such as drinking and showering.
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