. Is the Threat of a Global Water Shortage Real?

Topics: Africa, Water crisis, World Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Water is the most important need to not only human being but also Earth. Nowadays, metropolises meet the shortage of water and other water problems. Many scholars debate about this issue. They are separated by two groups. One group insist on a global water shortage is happening and the other group is water shortage is unreal.

I strongly agree with this statement. In my opinion, we are going to face the global water shortage soon. Firstly, on the Earth, there is limited amount of water however; human being needs more and more water as time passed by because nowadays the population is growing by the entire world. And also we need foods to keep our life on. In order to making food, we always need water even farming, feed animals, and planting vegetables. Nowadays, especially, the metropolitan cities are meeting water shortage. One of the journalist from the U.S. All voices’, Scoutsbluff reported that many metropolitan cities in U.S; they will “face the water shortage in not-to-distant-future.” And even in my country, the republic of Korea, I saw lots of advertisements describe shortage of water. The advertisements emphasize that we should spare water made by kobaco in Dec, 2009. Moreover, Kim because of global warming, it makes to face water shortage faster. Not only global warming but also indiscreet developments cause shortage of water. To give examples, the climate changed by global warming and the weather become hotter and hotter. Therefore, the amount of vaporization of water is way less than the amount of rainfall. Even the glacier melted by hot weather, it mean the sea level is increasing. The reader might think that why developments bring water shortage? The reason is asphalt and cement are blocking water permeate into the ground. The outcomes are the “waterway is collapse and be blocked.” Therefore, the amount of underground water is decreasing. From now on whole world should spare water and make the substitutes for water.

The group of scholars who...
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