Autowreck - Karl Shapiro/Boy Racers Epiphany - Owen Sheers

Topics: Poetry, Life, Stanza Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: August 1, 2010
In the poems “Autowreck’’ by Karl Shapiro and “The Boyracers Epiphany” by Owen Sheers the writer uses symbolism to develop an important idea. In the poem “Autowreck” the writer uses a symbol for life and also uses a symbol for injury, death and despair to convey the idea that boy racers aren’t invincible and do have accidents. In the poem “The Boyracers Epiphany” the writer gives us a symbol for courageousness and he also gives us the symbol of punishment and sorrow to help elucidate the idea that he is a hero but as the night comes to an end his fun finishes which is like a punishment for him. The writer in “Autowreck” gives us the symbol of life and also injury, death and despair. For example in the first stanza it begins with the ambulance arriving and bringing life and hope, “like an artery” is a symbol of life and also a symbol of hope. Another symbol of life in the first stanza is “The ambulance at top speed floating down” which means like an angel which represents life and hope. The writer portrays the idea of life and hope in the first stanza by using symbolism and symbolising the like of angels and artery’s which both are a symbol of life. In the second and third stanzas of “Autowreck” the ambulance has left which shifts the focus to the people who are left to deal with the aftermath of the crash and the writer gives the symbol of injury, death and despair. For example “ponds of blood” is a symbol of injury and possible death, it is also a hyperbole as it is over exaggerated to make it seem like the crash scene is very gory and bloody. This example of injury is very effective as it really gives the reader a strong symbol of injury and death and it is used in conjunction with a hyperbole to exaggerate the point. Another example is “Our throats were tight as tourniquets,” which is a very strong symbol of injury and emotional damage because a tourniquet is what is used to stop bleeding by wrapping it tight around a major ligament. This gives us the symbol...
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