Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: April 26, 2013
I Petal King, was born in Tobago on the twenty seventh of July nineteen eighty eight. I am presently living at the nurses hostel in Port-Of-Spain and attend COSTAATT(College Of Applied Arts Of Trinidad and Tobago). My family is the best thing that ever happened to me, my mother Gloria Alfred born eleventh December. She is the best mother anyone could ask for, being a single mother for approximately fourteen years since my father passed away in a accident. My father was an ambulance driver, he was also a very caring person I doubt he had any enemies because of the kind of person he was. I was nine years old when my father passed away. That day was devastating both for my family as well as the community, because in our community everyone knew him very well. Since then my mother took care of us from a young age until my two brothers and I was old enough to provide for ourselves, my mother is a very strong, hardworking woman that will do anything to make sure that we are happy and will always encourage us to pray and work hard at whatever we set out to do in life. Also since my father passed away his side of the family keeps to themselves, I also have been a victim of being treated bad by my father’s side of the family, this situation took place when I first came to Trinidad to begin my studies. There isn’t much traditions in my family, the only tradition that was implemented from since my brothers and I were younger is that every Christmas morning, my mother as well as my two brothers and I have a family breakfast. I could remember when it had holidays Divali in particular, my mother would make roti along with other dishes and all of us including my cousins will...
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