Sociological Autobiography

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Heteronormativity Pages: 4 (1703 words) Published: April 4, 2013
My life started with my long and hard birth on July 14, 1993. I came into the world with a large scream and was immediately placed into some sort of category. The doctors and nurses took a quick look at me, and pronounced me as a girl. This social label of being a girl was now my gender, which is something I had no say in. Every since that very moment in time where my parents were told I was a girl, I have been treated according to my gender. This meant that my parents automatically dressed me in pink, bought me dollhouses and kitchen sets and threw me Barbie themed birthday parties. Since I was surrounded my whole entire life by these things, it was almost like second nature to think and act the way that I did and still do. My socialization skills, which to put simply are the accepted ways in society to behave or how I express myself, have all been shaped by the fact that I am a female. The socialization process is how we learn to act or to follow norms along with what to believe. There have been many agents of socialization in my life, which are the people and types of situations that teach us as human beings how to act and can shape your personality which I’m going to describe.

I was labeled a female, and because of this there are certain behaviors that I must participate in to fit in with the social norms. My family and friends expect these social norms that consist of behaviors or rules that I must follow, and if I don’t follow them I will most certainly be frowned upon. Growing up, I was a typical happy child. My mother dressed me in frilly clothing and always bought me the newest Barbie doll. My house was conveniently located right next to a park, which I would always play in on sunny afternoons. One Saturday morning, I had decided that I wanted to play in the sand box. My grandmother who was also my neighbor took my hand and led me to the park, and once we were there sat down to socialize with the other adults. I sat down with my pink bucket and...
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