Gender Socialization

Topics: Gender, Woman, Sociology Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Gender Socialization Results to Inequality
In today’s world individuals are forced to interact with one another, whether it’s because of school, religion, or family. This unavoidable interaction is called socialization and is the foundation of one’s life long personal development. Socialization is when a person acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills necessary for participating within his or her society. Whom one choses to converse with, determines how one socializes. Family, workforce, and media, all have an impact on the way one views themself, as well as others. Gender roles are often continued on through one’s life due to the many agents of socialization. Gender in socialization refers to masculinity and femininity, and has drastically affected females throughout history. Socialization proves how influential interaction can be, especially when one looks at the impact it has on females. Although in today’s American society men and women are considered equal; due to gender ascription from family, workforce, and media, women are constantly berated and viewed as inferior. Family is the first and most crucial agent in the development of gender towards a child. Family teaches children all of the fundamentals of gender, and what society is expected of them. Roles are segregated by the basis of sex. Even during early years of a child’s life, parents demonstrate how society indirectly looks down upon femininity. For instance, girls are often associated with the color pink and dolls, while boys are associated with the color blue and trucks. However, if a girl were to play with trucks, it’s not viewed as extreme as a boy playing with dolls. It would not be surprising for a young boy playing with a doll to hear commentary from peers such as, “Are you a girl?” or “Are you gay?” In addition, if a boy was being sensitive, or crying, he might also be called a “little girl.” This only deters boys from engaging in these...
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