Autobiographical Psychosocial History

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Mind Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Autobiographical Psychosocial History

The five concepts that I have chosen to write about are; perception, coping with stress, instinct approaches, mood stabilizers and development.

Shortly after my father died when I was nine years old, my perceptions on life changed drastically. I went from being an everyday average child to over thinking just the smallest things. Now as I have grown into an adult and a mother this has not changed but in most cases gotten worse than what it was. However, I have not considered this a bad thing at all I have learned to analyze things around me in order to grasp the complete understanding. This has helped me through some very tough times as a single mother, and is a skill so to speak that I have encouraged my son to do as well. Now not everything has been peaches and rainbows, I have lost people that I once loved dearly because of the way I perceived their actions with my over thinking every little thing someone does. Although I have learned that analyzing, things without the facts can hurt many people I still find this to be a unique skill. I have learned through the years that the way that I perceive things also helps me with my every day stress. As I have mentioned before I have an 11-year-old son that has been diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, OCD and ODD, dealing with a child that has to have mood-stabilizing drugs in order to function in a manner that society considers normal is stressful with in itself. I have learned over the years to take everything on day at a time and not to over load my plate with too much, because I am known for over thinking, stressing out and shutting down. When I get over stressed I have high anxiety attacks that can last for hours, sometimes days this is not a progressive way to live your life in fact it can be completely debilitating at times. I have found that the smallest things can push my stress level to the point of a complete melt down. However, sense I work with a therapist...

References: PSY/201 Psychology and your life
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