autism and vaccinations

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Autism And Vaccines: Sentence Outline
I. Introduction
The 21st century world has greatly benefited from advancements in the realm of medicine. New cures, medical technology and research material have all resulted from in-depth research in medicine. However, adoption and use of vaccines has recently raised controversy over claims of aggravating autism in children. Parents are also engulfed in the debate on whether to they should or should not vaccinate their children. There seems to be no scientific consensus on whether the main ingredient of MMR vaccine, "Thimerosal" is the principal for the exacerbated cases of autism globally. Thesis: This paper holds that, in absence of real proof that vaccinations cause Autism, parents should continue to vaccinate their children, because it is essential to prevent infectious disease outbreaks in the future. II. Body

1) Benefits outweigh risks
a. Vaccines ensure children’s health by preventing infections b. Even if vaccines were to cause autism, the small likelihood of causing autism still offers great benefit to the rest of the children c. A child’s developmental potency is determined by healthier childhood, a phenomenon only possible through vaccination to derail pandemic 2) There is no scientific proof that vaccines cause autism

a. There is a great disconnect between MMR vaccine and autism b. Autism has scientifically agreed causes and vaccines are not listed c. Using scientific precautionary principle gives a green light on why parents should use vaccines 3) Choosing not to vaccinate predisposes the children and other people to danger of fatal infections a. Children would have less immunity that would increase mortality b. A lot of fatal diseases previously contained by vaccines would reappear and cause a global pandemic 4) Widespread abstinence from vaccines would prime a global health catastrophe a. Global economy is likely to suffer because healthcare would spend a lot on...
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