A Pro Stance for Vaccines

Topics: Vaccination, Vaccine, Immune system Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Vaccines Are Necessary For Controlling Preventable Diseases
The topic of laws mandating vaccinations is a much debated issue. A large number of parents argue they should not be forced to vaccinate their children in order for them to attend public school and daycare. One reason for the controversy of their use is the increased number of children with autism, which some reports have indicated is a possible side effect of vaccines. Information regarding potential negative side effects of vaccines is abundant although not always accurate; however, the decreased incidence in vaccine preventable diseases illustrates their continued necessity.

In the United States many of the diseases vaccinated for are nearly absent in communities now. Some diseases may even be eradicated completely by the use of immunizations, as with the case of smallpox in 1977. (Kee, Hayes, McCuistion, 2012, p. 502) A low incidence in many of the vaccine-prevented diseases can lead some to a false sense of security against the risk of contracting such diseases. It is important for the general population to continue receiving vaccinations. An article in The New England Journal of Medicine points out "High vaccine coverage, particularly at the community level, is extremely important for children who cannot be vaccinated, including children who have medical contraindications to vaccination and those who are too young to be vaccinated. These groups are often more susceptible to the complications of infectious diseases than the general population of children and depend on the protection provided by the vaccination of children in their environs."

Many parents think there is no longer a risk of their child contracting the disease or even becoming exposed to them at all. The refusal of a few to vaccine may not have much of an impact on society, however, the refusal of many to not vaccinate in a community can have disastrous consequences. If the immunization level of a population drops too low,...
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