Topics: Australia, Darwin, Northern Territory, Race Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 1, 2013

The film is about a boy called Nullah, and a lady called Sarah Ashley. It start with Lady Sarah Ashley are taking to Australia, for selling her husband’s station Faraway Downs. But Sarah’s husbands Maitland are being killed by a spear. Sarah come to Darwin, where she should meet Drover, he is mastering and drives cattle. He drives Sarah to Faraway Downs in Northern Territory. On the way are they meeting Kimberly Flynn, the account on Faraway Downs. At the first night at Faraway Downs, Sarah is walking out at the stairs and then is Nullah coming in to the house. Then is a guy called Fletcher there is working at the station. Coming at the door, looking for Nullah the halfcast boy. The next day Fletcher is coming at the station, and will pickup Sarah for a ride. When she said that there are some cattle there is going over the Billabong. Sarah is firing Fletcher because he had blocked the water pump which Nullah had found out of. Then are there Nullahs grandfather King George, he is a Magic man also called “Gulap” he is singing at the rock. Then one day Sarah will drive the cattle to Darwin for selling them to the army. She needs some men to do that job, and Drover is coming and helps her getting the cattle to Darwin. He needs 7 men to the job, and that is what they accurate are on the station. First they need to learn, how to drive cattle. When they had learnt how to drive cattle are they riding to Darwin, on the way they are meeting some trouble, because Fletcher not will have they are coming to Darwin, because Fletcher is working for King Carney, the biggest cattle company in Australia. The cattle are just some seconds for running out of the rock and down in nothing. But Nullah rescues all the cattle with a song. Some days after do they need water, so they decided to go through never never land with help from King George. Everybody thought they were dead, but they are not. They come to Darwin, were King Carney just have signed a contract there give...
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