Topics: Deaf culture, Hearing impairment, Deafness Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Leah Mosier
“Audism Unveiled”

Audism to me is ignorance of people. Audism unveiled opened my eyes to many different forms of audism. I felt especially saddened when the gentleman spoke of his mother dying and him not being able to understand her last dying words. How terrible is that! I love my parents so much so I know that the pain he must carry with him is strong. His mother should have learned sign language right along with her son.

My parents raised me humble. I appreciate everything and everybody. I grew up in a small town in Western New York. My Mother and Father instilled good morals upon me. I was never taught to feel superior or inferior to anybody. My Mother showed me right from wrong. If I even so much as whispered a racial slur, I would have been punished harshly. But I never thought in black and white or Deaf and hearing. I knew growing up that God has the right to judge but we as humans do not. Of course growing up I had curiosities and still to this day I still do, but there is a place and time to ask those questions. How could I discriminate against anybody for any reason. It would be shameful, because they could turn it back on me. Growing up I was ridiculed for being poor. My Dad worked hard but we lived within our means.

My sister-in laws cousin is deaf. She wears a hearing aid and speaks. By seeing the movie, I now know that she is an audist. She always feels superior to Deaf people who cannot speak and Deaf people who do not having hearing devices of some kind. That is definitely audism in the works. I remember specifically one time we were eating out all together; me, my brother, his wife, and the cousin. The cousin was making fun of a girl at her work that can’t speak well because she is Deaf. The cousin was just telling us the story about it. She said that her co-worker is Deaf and wears a hearing aid but doesn’t speak well and that she is better than her cause she speaks. I just...
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