attention levels in children

Topics: Attention span, Distraction, Play Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Topic: Observe a child of under five years and comment on their attention levels in relation to the research carried out by Cooper, Moodey and Reynell (‘78). Is their attention at an age appropriate level? Child observed: Hamza

Age: 1 year 5 months
Attention level develops as a child grows, it develops with age, helping a child concentrate better on his surroundings and learn new things. It is also very important for language development. Hamza is a one and a half year old child who is very active and is seen getting into mischief at all times of the day. He has a single track of mind when it comes to doing things his way and he is seen playing with his toys for hardly a few minutes at a time. He is fonder of playing with electrical appliances and will cry and whine until he gets what he wants. Then one can see him playing and laughing for a long time. One of his favourite activities is playing with a torch light. He will sit on the floor and play with it, switching it on and off, until its batteries run out. Then he starts to whine and his attention has to be diverted with another activity. Hamza likes to open and close the drawers, causing frequent mishaps. At this time, he is not willing to listen to anyone who calls him and does not respond to his name being called out. At times, he screams if he is called over and over again while he is playing with the drawers, indicating that he did not like the interruption. He will rush back into the room and start opening them and exploring the contents of the drawer if someone carries him out and tries to divert his attention. Thus, he displays the rigid attention stage, as he is not easily distracted from his activities. The best way of distracting him is by getting him to play hide and seek. He will forget all about his mischievous activities and rush to search anyone who is hiding, peeping behind the curtains. Then one can see him playing for hours at an end, and frequently the adults get tired of his...
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