Attention and Audience

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Presentation Analysis and Adaptation Worksheet

Speaker Lacey MacPhail_____ Topic _How to perform a system restore in Windows 7___

Who is the audience for this presentation?
People who are interested in computers and doing a system restore.

What is the purpose of this presentation?
To explain how to do a system restore to a previous time.

Explain how the topic is specific and relates to the audience.

It is very informative if you are looking to do a system restore on your computer and don’t know how to.

Target Audience Analysis: What special adaptations for these audience types might be necessary for this presentation to be effective?

Technical Personnel
A computer
A Speaker or presenter
Anyone – Beginner to expert
Other (specify)

Environment Analysis: What special adaptations may be necessary for the environment or situation of the presentation?

A room or space large enough for people who are interested. Physical setting
Having a projector to project what you are doing on the computer Audience knowledge
Beginner to expert.
Audience interest/focus
Learning how to do a system restore.
Attitude toward topic
Interested in computer tasks.
Speaker credibility
Sounding confident in what you are speaking about.
Speaker ________________________________ Topic________________________________

What devices will you use in the introduction to gain audience attention? Vocal

What steps will you take to relate the topic to this audience? Make the speech seem interesting to any age group.

What is the main idea you want to convey to the audience?
How to perform a system restore.

What are the presentation’s main points? Why did you develop these particular points? Steps on completing a system restore.

What supporting materials will you use and why?...
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