Atmospheric Pollution

Topics: Air pollution, Global warming, Acid rain Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: September 20, 2008
Most people do not realize that atmospheric pollution (also known as air pollution) is a very serious global problem. There are a great number of air pollutants that are basically caused from natural resources. Most of the pollutants are mankind. There are seven air pollutants that are at greater risk to our environment, which are the following: particulate matter (made up of acids, organic chemicals, metals, soils, and dust particles), nitrogen oxides (made by highly reactive gasses that contain nitrogen and oxygen), sulfur oxides (dissolves in water vapor to form acid and reacts with other particles and gasses in the air and forms sulfates), carbon dioxides (form carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide), hydrocarbons (consists of hydrogen and carbon), ozone (consists of three oxygen atoms), and air toxics ( 400 plus pollutants that cause a number of health problems).

Air pollution is extremely bad in urban areas. Smug is an air pollution that causes serious health problem in urban areas. Acid rain (caused by airborne sulfur from burning coal and can be transported into rain droplets) does damage to the following: plants, buildings, and animals. There are different air pollutants, some visible and some that are not visible. The most obvious form of pollution is smog hanging over cities. Air pollutants are divided into two categories, primary and secondary. The most important primaries would be carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, particular matter, and hydrocarbons. Due to the ozone and sulfur trioxide being formed from chemical reactions they are in the category secondary. Air pollution can make for poor air quality. The manmade air pollutants are doing the worse harm to our environment, because it is changing atmosphere and lets in more radiation from the sun. The pollution is causing global warming because the pollution is damaging our ozone layer. Manmade pollution is releasing more greenhouse gasses to the earth’s atmosphere and traps the heat...
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