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Astrology 11

Oct 08, 1999 1164 Words
Have you ever wondered what astrology is? Astrology has been around for many years, but many people don't understand what astrology is, who used astrology, and it's connection with the zodiac. Many people don't know this, but the actual term astrology comes from two words, which are "astra" and "logos". ( Enterprises, p.1) When people believe in astrology, what they believe is that the planets and stars directly or indirectly influence their lives and determine what happens to them in life. ( Enterprises, p.1) The stars are said to show guidance and meaning for the lives of people. (Woolfolk, p.297) Most people think that astrology is a recently thought up science, but it has actually been around for many generations. (, p.1) The actual science of astrology can be dated to about six thousand or so years before the birth of Christ! (Woolfolk, p.297) The oldest astrology chart dates back to 4,200 BC ( Enterprises, p.1) At this time, astrology and religion went hand in hand with each other. (Woolfolk, p.297) Most astrologers were priests. (Woolfolk, p.297) Many people looked up to these astrologers as "taught men". ( Astrology has had its ups and downs through history, but it always maintained that station of being. ( Relevant, p.1) After some aspects of religion became prevalent, astrology became known as the "work of the devil". ( Enterprises, p.1) During the Renaissance, though, astrology became more liked than before. ( Enterprises, p.1) Even religious leaders began to practice astrology more often. ( Enterprises, p.1) People of the royal families had their own astrologers. ( Enterprises, p.1) That is how worldwide astrology was. ( Enterprises, p.1) Modern day astrology is meant to be a philosophy to put into detail different aspects of life instead of predicting the future. (, p.2) Astrology has been the stuff that has brought people together. (, p.2) It explains the power that people contain in their lives. (, p.2) Of course, there are many different aspects or branches of astrology. (, p.3) Some are medical, business, stock market, weather, mundane, electrical, horary, and natal. (, p.3) They are practiced for health, financial, politics, marriage, business, and other things that concern people in their lives. (, p.3) As a matter of fact, even Hitler used an astrologer during World War II. ( Enterprises, p.1) One of the astrologers said that he should seek peace, and Hitler became mad at the astrologer and burned him and all astrology books. ( Enterprises, p.1) By the 1960's, astrology became popular again. ( Enterprises, p.2) One astrologer even predicted that President Kennedy was to be assassinated. ( Enterprises, p.2) John Dee read the horoscope of a princess who was in jail and might have even faced death. (Woolfolk, p.306) He told her that she would one day be on the throne. (Woolfolk, p.306) Sure enough, Queen Elizabeth I did get on that throne, and Dee was one of her advisors. (Woolfolk, p.306) One astrologer even predicted "London's Great Fire". (Woolfolk, p.306) Another astrologer predicted that a hotel was going to have something bad happen to it, and sure enough, it burned down that night. (Woolfolk, p.306) Perhaps one of the greatest astrologers, Evangeline Adams, was brought to trial and charged for being a fortune-teller. (Woolfolk, p.306) While she was at the court, the judge thought it would only be fair to give her an anonymous horoscope that was to be interpreted by her. (Woolfolk, p.306) She correctly stated that the horoscope was of the judge's son who had drowned. ( Enterprises, p.1) Evangeline Adams was excused and became popular in the world around her. (Woolfolk, pp.306-307) So, throughout history, many important people have been consulting astrologers for their personal and financial needs. (Woolfolk, pp.306-307) Now, when people hear the word zodiac, they don't immediately think, "Oh Wow! That's connected with astrology!' Well, they are connected. (Woolfolk, p.309) A fact to be pointed out is that the planets still go along the same band of the sky through the 12 signs of the zodiac. (Henbest, p.55) These are the same ones the ancient Babylonians saw! (Henbest, p.55) Each of the 12 signs signifies different parts of humans. (, p.2) The 12 signs are, in order, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. (Woolfolk, pp.310-321) Every one of them is labeled with the name of an animal or figurine. (Woolfolk, p.310) Aries is the ram, Taurus is the bull, Gemini is the twins, Cancer is the crab, Leo is the Lion, Virgo is the virgin, Libra is the scales, Scorpio is the scorpion (of course), Sagittarius is the archer, Capricorn is the goat, Aquarius is the waterbearer, and Pisces are the fish. (Woolfolk, pp.310-321) These signs are mostly used as sun signs, which many astrologers use to tell people's horoscope. (Woolfolk, p.143) People with their sun sign in Aries are said to be active, energetic, and optimistic, but can also get themselves into bad situations. (Woolfolk, pp.8-10) Taurus are said to be quiet, patient, and determined, but also antagonizing and stubborn. (Woolfolk, pp.11-13) Gemini's are usually characterized as lively, intellectual, and adaptable, but they could be fickle. (Woolfolk, pp.14-16) People with the sun sign of Cancer are often receptive, sensitive, and kind, but also susceptible. (Woolfolk, 18-20) Leo's are enthusiastic, powerful, and extravagant. The only problem is that they are "bombastic and challenging". (Woolfolk, pp.22-24) Virgo sun signs are usually modest and practical as well as interfering and critical. (Woolfolk, pp.26-28) Most Libras are artistic but indecisive. (Woolfolk, pp.30-32) Scorpio sun sign people are imaginative, persistent, and intense, but they can also be temperamental. (Woolfolk, pp.33-35) Sagittarius people are ambitious, generous, yet they are jealous, too. (Woolfolk, pp.37-39) People born under Capricorn can be said to be patient, acquisitive, and disciplined. (Woolfolk, p.40) Unfortunately, they are also cold and hold grudges. (Woolfolk, pp. 40-42) Aquarius people are independent, analytical, and narrow-minded. (Woolfolk, p.43) Pisces people are romantic, emotional, and sometimes unbalanced. (Woolfolk, pp.47-49) SO as you can see astrology's different aspects need careful thought and consideration in order to understand it. (Fraknd, pp.1-4) In conclusion, astrology certainly has many aspects that need looking into.

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