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Essential of Islamic Finance Assignment -1 (Farhan Mehboob) Practice- Islamic Literature, Formatting & Review

Simplified report: Researching Qur’an & Ahadeeth
You are required to submit a simplified 1 page report in MS Word. You are required to follow these guidelines: a) Mention and reference 3 ayaat (verses) of the holy Qur’an related to dishonesty; you need to briefly explain them in your own words; b) Mention 1 authentic hadeeth related to good morals; you are required to reference and authenticate this hadeeth; you need to briefly explain it in your own words; c) Mention 1 Da’ef hadeeth; you are required to reference and give the reason why it is classified as Da’ef; you need to briefly explain it in your won words; d) Use the font “Book Antiqua” (font size 10) for text, and Times New Roman (font size 14) for titles and sub titles; e) All text (and work) must be in black; do not include a cover page; do not bind or present your work in a folder; f) Only titles and subtitles must be in bold;

g) The main title must use double underline (font size 18), and centered; h) Use line spacing 1.5, justified (right and left), with margin of .5” (top, bottom, right & left); i) All your references must be included as footnotes;

j) Your name, id, & class detail must be mentioned in the header; k) Do not copy/plagiarize; learn to write (summarize) in your own words; l) Spell check your work, and make sure there are no grammatical mistakes; m) Nothing should be hand written;

n) The due date will be announced in class;


Important note:
Don’t ask me any questions or clarifications; you must be confident in your ability to follow instructions!
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