Assignment: Understanding Work-Related Injuries

Topics: Employment, Accident, Injury Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Assignment: Understanding Work-Related Injuries

Workers’ compensation is an insurance that companies use to take care of their employees if some sort of justified injury or death were to occur on the job. Workers’ compensation does not always mean that you need to be on the job site and be injured; you can also be off site, and receive an injury and still get workers’ compensation. There are times when a person may work for a company that works with hazardous materials or where there is poor air quality that may result in an illness/disease. It is important for companies to give this type of insurance because there are so many times when people get injured while on the job. Usually when the worker is injured they have to fill out the claim, they usually have to be injured for 7 days at the least before they are eligible for cash benefits. If the worker is still hurt then the company will start paying the medical expenses. They usually also get paid for those first days when they have been hurt longer than 7 days. Each differs from how much they pay their workers’ expenses. Most companies will pay for the injury as long as it was not done intentionally, but by accident. Many jobs are dangerous and employers know this, so it is good that coverage is provided. It is very important that the employee lets their employer know about the injury immediately, they only have a certain amount of time to do this. After they have written out a report of the injury the employer must then send it to the compensation office. The employer will provide the injured employee with insurance and the employee must use the physician that is covered from that insurance, if they do not then it usually results in a denial. This is the employee’s responsibility. For most states it is important that the employer purchases insurance to cover their employee’s in case of an accident or injury that has happened on the job. It is the employer’s responsibility because if they do not provide the...
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