Assignment: Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Immune system Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Every since the taking of the nutrition course, there was mimnal knowledge of how the body effects the outcome, short-term and long-term. The first assignments completed in the first week, showed less intake of recommendations needed to balance a healthier diet. Time has passed and needed a change of direction to secure a strong long-term diet. With the study in this course, look at each food group put where much food intake must be gained and others less consumed. Grains have grown more since understanding what grains are and how it contributes overall. Less serving for grains was not being consumed. Now, more whole grains such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Because of fiber and vitamin B, the feel of prevention to chronic diseases will stick in place, weight gain, and blood control. Before, wheat bread or certain cereals was not considered to add whole grains to add a better benefit. The website shows changes have begin to add more meet of requirements to the grains area. Vegetables certainly were not being consumed. Quickly, there reverse course of action to bring intake into vegetables. Four cups compared to 1.5 cups. Add of more vegetables on every plate seems to has helped the increase. The benefit brings more reduces risk of cancers and a stronger cell structure. Fruits were a rare case of intake, maybe once a month was the intake eight weeks ago. The website, determined zero cups for daily servings is not being taking considered, that will add a better health. Now, about two cups per day is being consumed. The use of raw fruits once a day and packaged fruit was easy to change, just because of the taste and importance geared to the healthier diet. Vitamin C is in all types of fruits, and with enough intakes monthly, there will be good repair to tissues. Meats are something famous of an intake to the body. The recommendation compared to the meat intake, has high at the time. This has decrease. There are many benefits for meat, however...
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