Assignment Brief: Compare and Contrast the Strategies of Boeing and Airbus in the Civil Aviation Industry

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Ryan Hinchman
Bus 632: Organization & Leadership
Individual Research Paper on Leadership

West Marine’s Mission Statement and Company Vision:

“Our Mission is to be the best supplier of boating-related products and services that provide outstanding value to every Customer.

We are committed to providing the best possible customer experience, so that every Customer regards us as an exceptional company and rewards us with their business.

We will provide an open, supportive, challenging, team-oriented environment where our Associates can achieve job satisfaction, professional and personal growth, and be compensated based on company and individual performance.

We will work to improve and protect marine habitats, reduce our impact on the environment, and promote boating.

We will achieve superior financial returns for the benefit of our Associates, Customers and Shareholders.”

West Marine’s Core Values:
Sustainability, quality products and service to our customers, to create a challenging and rewarding work environment for associates, promote boating, and achieve returns for investors.

Leadership is defined as “the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals (Robbins & Judge 2011).” Management is the ability to create order with plans and systems and monitoring results against plans, while leadership is about coping with and implementing change (Robbins & Judge 2011). For the interview portion of this project I interviewed West Marine’s CEO Geoff Eisenberg, and included the leadership style of Direct Merchandise Manger Kevin Osborne. These two individuals are both exemplary leaders that reinforce the company’s vision and mission statement in their management style at West Marine. Consideration: An Employee-Oriented Leader

I asked for an interview with the CEO of my company (West Marine) at 4:26 pm on a Monday. I had an instant response from his assistant that he was available the next day at 2:30. I was amazed at how fast the response was, and that he was available and open to the conducting an interview with me. With the huge amount of work and projects to be done by a CEO, I felt honored that Geoff Eisenberg took a half-hour out of his day to discuss his ideas of leadership and management with me. This directly spoke to his ability to administer “Individualized consideration: Gives personal attention, treats each employee individually, coaches and advises (Robbins & Judge 2011).” This is one of four key components that represent a transformational leader. One of Geoff’s accomplishments that he is most proud of as CEO, is that QWL (quality of work life) has improved during his tenure. This immediate response spoke directly to his emphasis on collaboration and team-building with an emphasis of concern for his associates. The leading attribute for leaders is conscientiousness in the Big 5 Model (Robbins & Judge 2011). Geoff clearly demonstrates a high-level of conscientiousness with all of his associates. Initiating Structure: A Production-Oriented Leader

Geoff also spoke directly to the improvements in marketing, merchandising, and overall-growth that the company has been able to accomplish by continually being in alignment with West Marine’s vision and mission statement. “We are constantly getting better (personal communication August 2, 2011).” The conundrum of balancing the preservation of the core values of the company and stimulating progress has been systemically achieved by placing a strong emphasis on QWL while challenging growth with new store development, sales channel growth, and overall sales dollar growth for the company. Geoff takes a fair and balanced approach. When considering the Blake Mouton leadership model, Geoff would fall into the “Team Leader” quadrant. It is important to note that consideration the context of leadership is important as the model below. A leader is more focused on people then systems and structure...

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