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Tunku Abdul Rahman College
ABFA 1023 Fundamentals of Accounting
1DMK 2
Lecturer / Tutor: Mr., Cheng Chai Yu
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Hong Su Ken 11PBD10574

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Section 1--------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg 6 Section 2--------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg 7 Section 3--------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg8 Section 4--------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg 10 Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg 11 Appendix------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pg12 References----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pg15

This assignment I think that our lecturer may want to test us how to view the annual report of a company. Lets us know that how to looking for what the inventory had included. For example is this company inventory had included Raw Material, Work- in- Process and also Finish Goods. We also can know how this company arranges their stock by using first in first out (FIFO) method or Weighted Average Cost (WAC) method. Our group had chosen HUP SENG Industries BERHAD to support us in assignment. HUP SENG Industries BERHAD established in 1958, it had become the most quality biscuit manufacturing. Today, it is one of Malaysia’s leading biscuit manufacturing. Being responsible to consumer, this company rigorous in food safety and hygienic environment to ensure that all the products that they produce is safety and hygiene product. HUP SENG had spans over Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and...

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