Topics: Pharmacology, Sales, Pharmaceutical industry Pages: 4 (879 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Chapter 1
Introduction to Sales Management in the Twenty-First Century (Assignment 1)

Name: Lam Wai Kit
: Pathmapriya D/O Muthu
Student ID: 09-201012-00003
: 09-201104-00257
Lecturer: Ms. Komla

Case Study
Karen Tedesco just returned from a three-day trip and picked up a voice mail in her home office from Cindy Cherry, regional sales manager for Inventron Pharmaceuticals. Karen is the district sales manager for the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Cindy is in charge of all of Inventron’s operations west of the Mississippi River. Inventron is a relatively small, specialty pharmaceutical manufacturer with production facilities in Morristown, New Jersey. Its products focus on an array of medicines for the dog and cat market, and its primary customers are veterinarians. Throughout the United States, Inventron has two sales regions, 12 sales districts, and 124 salespeople.

Cindy’s message presents a nice opportunity for Karen to help Inventron with some planning for next year’s business. Inventron’s VP of sales, Hugh Butts, has delegated the task of developing an external environmental analysis to Cindy but with the caveat that she bring one of her best district managers into the process. Cindy has selected Karen for this role. The instructions are for Cindy and Karen to individually prepare a list of the external environmental factors they believe will impact the small animal pharmaceutical business next year and explain why each factor is important and how it might affect business. Then Cindy will travel from the regional office in Denver to Karen’s office in Dallas to meet, compare their lists, and come to consensus about what to send to Hugh as input on the plan.

Characters in the Role-Play
Karen Tedesco, district manager for Inventron Pharmaceuticals Cindy Cherry, regional manager for Inventron Pharmaceuticals (Karen’s boss)

Break into pairs, with one student playing each character. It doesn’t matter...
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