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A brief analysis of customer focus in business world

Customer is the most vital element for doing a business and every organization would try their best to satisfy them. However, some problems which reduced the customer satisfaction still happen in real business situations, thus, I would like to analysis some issues about customer satisfaction by using concepts and theories regarding to customer focus, which could help to improve organizations’ performance in customer satisfaction aspect.

Actually, we always act as customers during our daily life, such as we are customers of a shop when we buy some drinks or snacks in it or if we eat lunch in a restaurant we became customers of that restaurant. Therefore, I would like to use my own experiences and what I learnt from customer focus to analysis some issues. As a travel enthusiast, I took use of the vacation to travel around during my undergraduate time, however, without any income I had to reduce the cost in many aspects such as bought some discount ticket, ate simple food and hostel was one of the main aspects where I always save money from. Instead of some four or five stars hotel, I chose some budget hotels most of time. Specifically, budget hotels mainly pay attention to accommodation environment and eliminate non-essential services, thus greatly reduced the cost. In general, the budget hotels only provide guest rooms and breakfast. Moreover, within 10 years, budget hotels are growing rapidly in China, according to the data statistics, there are at least 7 main companies with about ten thousand hotels by the end of 2012.[1] In this assignment, I would like to analysis four parts related to customer focus based on a budget hotel which satisfied me most during my travel.

Jinjiang Inn was founded in 1996 and already had more than 1000 hotels around 200 cities in China. According to the news, Jinjiang Inn got the champion in the customer satisfaction aspect in a worldwide survey in 2013, which means that...
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