Assessment Tool Analysis

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Assessment Tool Analysis
Assessment Tool Analysis
Nursing has evolved throughout the years to become more than a job, it is a profession. Jean Watson developed her own theory in the late 1970s because she believes there was something missing from the profession. Jean Watson believes that nursing is a profession that allows the caregiver and the person cared for an opportunity to provide care on a basis that involves the mind, body, and spirit, which are the three parts of being. Watson’s carative factors allow the nurse and patient to relate on a more personal level. These carative factors are used as a guide for providing nursing care. To name but a few, they are: Faith/Hope: “being authentically present, and enabling and sustaining the deep belief system and subjective life world of self and the one-being-cared-for” (Carative factors, 2003, p. 51). Expressing positive and negative feelings: “being present to, and supportive of, the expression of positive and negative feelings as a connection with deeper spirit of self and the one-being-cared-for” (Carative factors, 2003, p. 51). Sensitivity to self and others: “cultivation of one’s own spiritual practices and transpersonal self, going beyond ego self, opening to others with sensitivity and compassion” (Carative factors, 2003, p.51). Existential-Phenomenological-Spiritual forces: “opening and attending to spiritual-mysterious and existential dimensions of one’s own life-death; soul care for self and the one-being-cared-for” (Carative factors, 2003, p. 51). There are several tools that assist health care providers in the assessment process. One tool is the Coping Resources Inventory for Stress (CRIS). “CRIS is designed to measure a person’s coping resources, including personal behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs, in addition to physical being” (Weinberg, 2012, para. 1). The CRIS scale has been valid when predicting illnesses, distress, and satisfaction. The inventory is made up of several...
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