Caring in Three Dimensions

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Caring in Three Dimensions
This paper will carefully elaborate three different theories, theory of transpersonal caring by Jean Watson (1979), theory of culture care diversity and universality by Madeleine Leininger (2006) and the caring theory by Anne Boykin and Savina Schoenhofer (1993). All theorists delved on a common denominator, caring. The core concept will be interpreted in three different dimensions, following each of the theorists’ interpretation. Similarities and differences will be deliberated. This paper will also discuss how one chosen theory is applied in today’s aspect of the nursing profession. First Dimension: Theory of Transpersonal Caring

Jean Watson, a highly distinguished professor and the Dean Emerita University of Colorado. Much of her works are focused mainly on the principle of caring. She founded the Center for Human Caring. Having received awards and recognition, nationally and internationally, she also holds ten international and national doctoral degrees. (George, 2011) Currently, the founder of the international non-profit Watson Caring Science Institute whose intent is to host workshops, conference and programs that will ‘reintroduce’ the ethic of caring and love which are necessary for healing. ( Watson believes that the ability to care for others depend on the ability to care for ones’ self. One is considered to be ready if he is attuned with the spiritual state. She described that a person transcendent in nature, is connected to one another, who then extends into the community, the world, planet Earth and the universe. To perform a caring role, one must be in unison with the universe. Viewing health as unity within the mind, body and soul, she “considers illness as a perceived state rather than a presence of disease.”(George, 2011) The nurse according to her is a healing environment whose actions are based upon formed manners and not a list of behavior. She identified carative factors which serve...
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