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Management Practicum

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Caroline Kwong

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Tuesday 09 June 2015


I have read the School’s Policy on Plagiarism and Improper Conduct and all the materials pertaining to plagiarism.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this assessment is my own work, all sources have been properly acknowledged, and the assessment contains no plagiarism.

I further declare that I have not previously submitted this work or any version of it for assessment in any other unit or award offered by the School, or any other institution, without first ensuring that an explicit provision has been made and that I have obtained written permission from the Deputy Head of School for doing so. (Documentation supporting this provision MUST be attached.)

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Question 1

My journey started in the first week I arrived to Australia, friends and people I get to know offered me to look into several job-seeking engines. One of the first places I look for a job was a diverse group of companies that have the same purpose, to help people to have a more productive and fulfilling live (Seek 2015). Another source was a company that has been in Australia since 2007, posting local ads for the community, connecting people for many purposes either moving, buying, selling and even employment (Gumtree 2015).

One problem that I face when looking for a job in Gumtree, is that most of the jobs posted on this web page were “cash in hand” jobs and no guaranteed hours, more like a casual basis or some just available for a short period of time. In the SEEK web page, is where I watched more serious jobs, with more potential but still restricted. Many of the positions available were for permanent residents, full-time or at least temporary residents, leaving me with a few options for employment.

Fortunately, the school has a job fair, where I could contact some hotels directly and in the representation of the school. That was a great help in my journey of looking for a job, great quality hotels send their HR representatives with offers for students, graduates and overseas people. During one of the events, I left my resume to all the hotels available and had a chat with as many managers as I could.

I was help by the staff of the school to update my resume, since I ‘am a student from Mexico, for me the cover letter was something new, the resume totally different from the structure and content. My LinkedIn profile was also outdated, so with the help from the personnel in the school I was able to fix it and improve it in order to create a better impression to recruiters.

After the job fair, I was approached by Accor to work as porter in their hotel in central station, but at the same time I was contacted by the Intercontinental Sydney for an interview to work in the restaurant called Café Opera, as Food and Beverage attendant. One of my uncles works at the Intercontinental in Austin Texas, so I called him to ask about the company and how well they treat their employees, the benefits and if it was worth to work there in order to...

References: Ashton, A, Scott, N & Solnet, D 2010, ‘Hotel restaurant dining: The relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase’ Tourism & Hospitality Research, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 206-218, viewed 15 may, 2015 EbscoHost database.
Mowatts, J 2014, ‘Master the art of upselling’ Communication Briefings, vol. 3, no. 9. Pp.5-6, viewed 18 May, 2015 EbscoHost database.
Seek 2015, About Us, Seek, viewed 20 may, 2015

Smith, S & Bradford, S 2015, ‘The impact of renovations on a hotel’s purchase price’ Hotel Management, vol. 230, no. 4, pp18-20, viewed 16 May, 2015, EbscoHost database.
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