Assess the Role of the Tsar in the Fall of the Tsarist Regime

Topics: Russian Empire, World War I, Russia Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Assess the role of the Tsar in the fall of the Tsarist Regime. In Russia, Tsarism had been the system of government since 1547, the country being ruled as an autocracy. For many years the Tsars had been powerful, strong and had the qualities needed to be a great leader, though in 1917, the Tsarist regime came to an end, with Nicholas Romanov II as the country’s current monarch. Tsar Nicholas played a great role in the fall of Tsarism; his incompetency and lack of leadership skills lead to downfall and created a communist Russia. Nicholas made many mistakes which triggered the collapse, which include failure to make the duma work and address the October Manifesto, his role in World War 1 and his decline in authority and support. Another point to consider was the Tsars’ decline in authority; this was a major factor which influenced the role of the Tsar in the regime. After Bloody Sunday Nicholas’ reputation had been damaged and his hold over the Russian public was starting to wane. Since becoming the Tsar in 1894, Nicholas had failed to embody any attributes of a strong leader. The Tsar had no interest in politics and ruling, as well as no knowledge as to how to rule a country; he did not understand his people especially the peasants whom suffered the most and were the majority of his people. This ultimately led to the fall of the Tsarist Regime as he did not know how to run the country in the first place. One of the first ways that Nicholas II brought on the fall of the Tsarist regime was his failure to address the problems that had arisen before and during the 1905 revolution. The citizens of Russia had disagreed with the way that he had been governing the country, and in result the people rebelled. The peasants who were made up the majority of the population had suffered years without recognition or support in their day to day lives. They took to the streets in an attempt to present their issues to their beloved Tsar, and the originally peaceful protest was...
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