Assertive Communication

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In your own words describe assertive, non-assertive and aggressive communication.
Assertive communication is founded on mutual respect as well as the ability to express your point of view in a manner that is clear and direct. Being an assertive communicator shows that you respect yourself, as you aren’t afraid to stand up for your interests and express your thoughts.

Non-assertive communication involves a failure to truly express personal thoughts often due to a feeling of inferiority. Non-assertive communicators tend to put other people’s need first, be polite and agreeable as wells as fail to stand up for themselves in order to avoid conflict.

Using aggressive communication gives the impression that you are the most important person and that your needs, rights and wants come first before anyone else. This style of communication often negatively affects the relationship between the communicator and the receiver, as it is disrespectful.

List 10 methods of communication that could be use in a fashion business.

1. Face to face
2. Emails
3. Meetings
4. Notice boards
5. Training
6. Entertaining
7. Phone call
8. Using visuals
9. Acting out your message (showing the person how to do something) 10. Body language

Outline the key factors of active listening and the importance of using it.

Active listening is an important skill to have and use as it helps to build a mutual understanding and respect between the communicator and the receiver. It is a structured form of listening and responding that focuses the attention on the speaker and is a skill developed only by practice.

The key factors that contribute to the ability to be an active listener are: 1. Know why you are listening: to understand the situation or purpose of the discussion 2. Listen with your whole body: so that you can read body language 3. Do not interrupt: so the communicator...
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