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Assaignment 3: ANTHANY NILHAS

1. What is critical thinking and how is it applied to ethical issues involving cyber technology?Critical thinking in our book is described as a variety of deliberative processes that assist us in evaluating arguments and analyzing claims. 2. What is a logical argument and how is it different from a claim or a statement?Logical argument is a form of reasoning that attempts to establish the truth of one claim based on the assumed truth of the evidence in other claims provided to support a conclusion. It is different from a claim or a statement because it is more then one statement or idea therefor calling for more claims, or statements. 3. What is the essential difference between an argument that is valid and one which is invalid? What is an example of each?A vaild argument is valid solely in virture of its logical form, not its content. EX. Premise 1- every A is a B, and Premise 2- C is a A. The conclusion- C is a B. A invalid argument is only invalid if you can give one counter example to the argument. Invalid arguments will be either inductive, or fallacious. EX. Permise 1- All CEOs of major united states computer corporations have been united states citizens. Permise 2- Bill gates is a United states citizen. Conclusion- Bill Gates has been a CEO of a major computer corporation in the united states. 4. What is a counterexample and how can it be used to show that an argument is invalid?A counterexample is a possible case where the premises in an argument can be imagined to be true while, at the same time, the conclusion could still be false. If the argument is valid, no counterexample is possible. 5. What is the Ad Hominem fallacy?This is an argument that attacks the person rather than the substance of the persons argument. 6. What is the slippery slope fallacy?The slippery slope fallacy has the form : x could possibly be abused , therefore, we should not allow x. 7. What is the...
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