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Presidential Debates
Question 1: Wanted REpeal, why?
Mitt Romney responded as follows: When you lok at Obama care it would cost more than any other insurance. They are expensive. It takes out money that they had for medicare to put in obamacare. Supposedly it makes it harder to hire people aswell. Why waste two years fighting for obammacare rather than creating more jobs. MEdicare didnt have that big of a negative affect as obamacare. Some people want to keep the insurance they have but obamacare would come in and take them. Some people don't want to lose their insurance. Obama has to take into consideration of both sides. we dont need a board of 15 people telling us what treatment we need. Individul responsibility will always work the best. Wanted to create incentives for grrowth.

Small businesses couldnt get coverage as well as families. Families were afraid they would go bankrupt if they got sick. They did work on obamacare along with creating jobs. It doeant mean anything but that insureance doesnt jerk you around. If you dont have insurance you can benefit from getting group. in macachuseets this had worked really well. It hasnt destryoed jobs & bringing down costs for people. Advisoders say medicare and obamacaare are basically the same. there are two ways to handle this. to let people fend for themselves, or help with the cost. Once oobamacare goes into affect costs being lowered would show. 50 million people would lose insurance if it didnt happen. ROmneys plan duplicates the law. What happened in mass. was a big spread of private insurance. ROmney wont tell what he would replace.

DO you believe there is a fundamental difference of how you view the government?

The fe. gov. can create framework for america to succeed. The fact that people can go out there and stsrt a business. Abraham Lincoln said he wanted to give all americans an opportunities. Theyll give money to schools who make more reforms. Wants to keep america technologically ahead....
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