Topics: Native Americans in the United States, King Philip's War, 17th century Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Dallas Owen

By the early 17th century colonists from Europe were pouring into the “New World” also known as North America today. Some came because they wanted to find a new life and some came because of religious prosecution. When the colonists arrived they faced many challenges and hardships. One of the challenges that the colonists faced was their relationship with the Native Americans, another challenge that the colonists faced when they reached the new world was the women’s role in society. These two challenges are some of the many challenges that the colonists faced in the 1600’s. By 1621 the colonists’ relationship with the Native Americans was good according The Soldier and the King. However, this relationship would slowly be derailed as the seventeenth century dragged on. By 1674 the relationship between the Native Americans and the Massachusetts colonists went horrible when a Native American Christian by the name of John Sassamon was found dead under a frozen pond in Middleboro, Massachusetts. By June of 1675 three Native Americans were tried and convicted for the murder of John Sassamon with little evidence of them ever committing the crime. This angered Wampanoag tribe leader Metacom, also known as King Philip, who ordered Wampanoag warriors to burn colonist’s livestock but wait for the “colonists to spill first blood” (McCue, pg.47). The colonists did retaliate by shooting an Indian and this would be the start of King Philips war with the colonists. By the end of the short 2-year war, King Philip would be found and killed and his tribe had lost the war to the colonists. “Philip’s head was taken to Plymouth and mounted on a pole for 20 years” (McCue, pg. 50). This presented a warning to all Indian tribes who wanted to threaten and attack the colonists. After this war the colonists viewed the Indians as pure savages. “The overwhelming consensus among whites was that Indian culture was inferior and despicable”...
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