Topics: Morality, Value theory, Good and evil Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Morality didn’t arise from individual choice but from a collection of human decisions to try and create a structure while living together. Constraints by their environments and natural human desires influenced these decisions. The evolution of human social instincts overlap with the evolution of culture A study was conducted by Anne Colby and William Damon which suggests that a "transformation of goals" takes place during the evolution of one's moral identity and development. The transformation of goals is described as a developmental process that takes place in ones personal beliefs, affecting their conduct. This transformation is brought about by powerful social interactions that will gradually change and shape the persons goals.[10] Society today tends to weigh success in terms of money, power and social status rather than factors such as social contribution and faithfulness to one's family and cause Tolerating the rampant narcissism and primitive ego thinking process, or primitive ego consciousness, of our politicians is not a wise decision for us as voters to make. We are rapidly becoming part of an emerging global culture. We need to model a political process that reflects the higher ideals and values of our country's founders. The higher values and ethics of who we really are.

We are either a civilized nation in our behavior toward one another or we are not. When we tolerate the level of incivility in our political process that we have been seeing lately, we are walking a very dangerous path toward violence and intolerance...a nation that has lost its moral and civilized grounding. It's time to intentionally awaken and evolve our nation's collective consciousness.

Morals vary dramatically across time and place. One group’s good can be another group’s evil. Some objectivists say moral variation is greatly exaggerated – people really agree about values but have different factual beliefs or life circumstances that lead them to behave differently. For...
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