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A world-class educational institution in the Philippines and Asia Pacific Region. MISSION
The Jose Maria College, a private non-sectarian and non-profit educational institution, shall endeavour to establish the culture of excellence that would harness the potentials of the youths based on the principles of spirituality, righteousness, peace and harmony, productivity, patriotism and ecological integrity through academic and non-academic programs in the spirit of genuine sharing, fellowship, and trust in the Divine Providence.

Specially, the Jose Maria College shall strive to:
1. Focus on building a good foundation of the school system to realize the VMG through relevant and responsive faculty development plan, sustainable community based programs and appropriate research projects; 2. Inculcate into the minds of the youths as well as adults the significance of a righteousness life, excellence and fear of God; 3. Harness competence; promote camaraderie and peace through skilful use of leadership potentials; 4. Enhance the ecological integrity through the implementation of community based programs and research projects; 5. Educate the students with the latest courses and other relevant programs in an environment where educational access is equitable to all regardless of nationality, culture and religious affiliation; and 6. Educate and train people for productivity improvement to be globally competitive.

In the next ten years, Jose Maria College shall have:
1. Produced skillful graduates who will be gainfully employed as professionals and entrepreneurs through relevant livelihood programs; 2. Graduates with the highest rate of efficiency and effectiveness in all relevant government and other competitive examinations by providing appropriate enhancement program; 3. Upgrade and improve their academic...
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