Asahi Glass

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Executive Summary3
Recognizing Opportunities4
Company Structure 5
Issues Facing Asahi Glass5
Questions to Answer6

Executive Summary

Asahi Glass Company was founded in the early 1900’s to relieve Japan’s dependence on foreign imports. It was the first successful endeavor into the flat glass industry. The company was able to continue to succeed through mergers, acquisitions, and organic growth. The company’s core businesses are: 1.Glass and related products,

2.Chemical products,
3.Ceramics and refractory products,
4.Electronic products, and
5.All other miscellaneous products
The synergies that were created by combining management’s expertise with the company’s knowledge, resources, and technologies have contributed to the success of Asahi Glass Company throughout the years. The organizational structure of Asahi Glass’ domestic productions are effective for their business’. There is a top down management system, with each division having its own managers and balance sheet. However, globalization efforts have been depleting company resources in past years. Management has yet to be able to perfect their foreign operating organization. The company is unable to establish mutual trusting relationship with several overseas joint ventures.

Asahi Glass Company was founded in 1907, by Toshiya Iwasaki, a nephew of one of the founders of the Mitsubishi business group. Iwasaki wanted to ease Japan’s dependence on imports, by establishing a flat glass industry. It took three years after production started in 1909 to make a profit, but the endeavor was well worth it; Asahi Glass Company established themselves as the dominate player in the market and has remained that way ever since. Throughout Asahi Glass’ existence, their decisions and objectives have been focused on growth. They achieve this by exploring new technologies and growing organically, as well as acquiring companies,...
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