Mitsubishi Stucture

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Organizational Behavior is the study of what people think, feel and do in and around organizations. Management is the act of running and controlling a business or similar organization. Specifically, Management is managing work, managing people, managing communication and information and managing self. The study of Organizational Behavior helps to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. In another word, it improves management of organizations.

This report contains the research and analysis about structure, culture and individual behavior at work of one of the biggest corporations in the world – Mitsubishi Corporation. With a wide overseas network, how they work fluently and successfully, this report will provide information about these things.

organizational structure

Mitsubishi Corporation is the Japan’s largest general trading company with over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries around the world, including Japan. Because of this reason, Mitsubishi Corporation uses different organizational structures to go well with the main goal of each group which has different brands.

2.1 divitonal structure

At the head office of Mitsubishi Corporation, the structure is organized by divisions. This below figure is Organizational structure of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Source: Mitsubishi Corporation’s Annual Report 2010

Mitsubishi Corporation has six Business groups (Industrial Finance, Logistics and Development, Energy, Metal, Machinery, Chemicals and Living Essentials) and two new groups (Business Service and Global Environment Business Development). The main structure divided by the products so it is Divisional Structure. With this structure, the Corporation has better communication and decision, result orientated and management development. However, this structure has minus side, not all businesses can be organized as pure divisional structure and it may induce reliance...
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