As good as it gets

Topics: Psychology, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Anxiety Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: December 3, 2013
I am going to be assessing and diagnosing Melvin Udall form the film As Good As It Gets. He displays multiple patterns of behavior, and symptoms, which indicate the presence of a psychopathology. His recurrent behaviors and actions along with being pessimistic and sarcastic to everyone around him make his life in general, ability to form relationships, and ability to function in society nearly impossible or difficult. He complains of being tired and not feeling like himself, as well as disclosing that his father also had spells of isolation. The onset is unknown and he refuses to take the medication prescribed by Dr. Green. Melvin has an Axis I disorder. Axis I disorders consist of clinical disorders and learning and development disorders. Melvin suffers from OCD which falls under the category of anxiety disorders (300.3). He receives this diagnosis due to his avoidance of sidewalk cracks, germ phobia, rituals, and obsessions along with compulsions; which include checking, ordering, and cleanliness. Axis two OCPD

There appears to be no characteristic that would fall under Axis III criterion, which include medical and or physical conditions or disorders. Axis IV involves factors that affect the current disorder and the treatment outcomes. In Melvin’s case he has strained relationships along with homophobia. He is also anti-Semitic, and has no social support. Melvin deals with multiple stressors mostly caused by his compulsions. He is lonely and dislikes the neighbors he does have. His therapist also turns his away, which defers him from seeking help.

At first I thought that Melvin may have OCPD because he was orderly, and wanted things to be perfect, while also focusing on lists, and interpersonal control. He was also very miserable and in denial about his problem, which are factors in OCPD. But I ruled this out because it didn’t interfere with actually doing the tasks at hand, nor does OCPD necessarily focus on the...
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