ARTS 1301

Topics: Ancient Rome, Hagia Sophia, Sutton Hoo Pages: 9 (698 words) Published: October 18, 2014
ARTS 1301 Exam
1. Question 001-18
(Points: 1)
The drawings from Ardèche Gorge are located in southern France at:

a. Chauvet cave.
b. Lascaux cave.
c. La Villedorphe.
d. Nomadic cave.

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2. Question 007-18
(Points: 1)
The "Toreador" fresco was created by the ________ culture.

a. Neolithic
b. Roman
c. Minoan
d. Greek

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3. Question 011-18
(Points: 1)
Neolithic culture developed quickly in the world's fertile valleys. By 4000 bce, urban societies had developed in:

a. China and India.
b. Egypt and China.
c. Egypt and Mesopotamia.
d. China and Japan.

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4. Question 014-18
(Points: 1)
According to Buddhism, the release from worldly desires that ends the cycle of death and reincarnation and begins a state of permanent bliss is called:

a. stupa.
b. nirvana.
c. ka.
d. Buddha

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5. Question 001-19
(Points: 1)
Built by Justinian in the first half of the sixth century in Ravenna, Italy, this church was probably conceived as a political and religious statement. It is:

a. Hagia Sophia.
b. St. Apollinaire.
c. San Vitale.

d. Santa Costanza.

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6. Question 002-19f
(Points: 1)
The medium for Theodora and Her Attendants is:

a. fresco.
b. tempera.
c. mosaic.
d. encaustic.

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7. Question 006-19f
(Points: 1)
The hinged clasp from the Sutton Hoo Burial ship illustrates a distinguishing characteristic of the art of migrating peoples of the Middle Ages, most notably the:

a. use of metal.
b. craft tradition.
c. focus on religious subject matter.
d. animal style.

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8. Question 012-19

(Points: 1)
The art of sculpture, popular during ancient Roman times, reemerged during what period?

a. Egyptian
b. Romanesque
c. Greek
d. Carolingian

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9. Question 015-19
(Points: 1)
The tremendous dome of Hagia Sophia is supported by:

a. brick walls.
b. four pendentives.
c. four lintels.
d. a wooden framework.

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10. Question 004-20f
(Points: 1)
In The School of Athens,, Raphael represents the two significant schools of philosophy, signified by the portrayal of ________ and ________ in the center of the composition.

a. Plato; Aristotle
b. Christ; Michelangelo

c. Socrates; Euripides
d. Descartes; Hippocrates

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11. Question 007-20
(Points: 1)
This artist's style is highly eclectic and individual. The artist is:

a. Albrecht Dürer.
b. Bronzino.
c. El Greco.
d. Michelangelo.

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12. Question 012-20
(Points: 1)
Donatello's sense of naturalism in figurative sculpture was in part inspired by:

a. ancient Egyptian sculpture.
b. Greek and Roman sculpture.
c. Bernini's David.
d. a lifting of the ban against autopsies for anatomical study.

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13. Question 015-20
(Points: 1)
Mayan civilization reached its peak in Southern Mexico and Guatemala around:

a. 1500.
b. 250.
c. 2500 bce.
d. 1500 bce.

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14. Question 001-21
(Points: 1)
A Turkish slave is the subject of French artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 's famous painting that depicts a female :

a. Venus.
b. self-sacrifice.
c. odalisque.
d. a self-portrait.

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15. Question 006-21
(Points: 1)
Marie-Louise-Elizabeth Vigée-LeBrun's Duchess of Polignac combines all the compositional tools of the ________ sensibility.

a. Neoclassic

b. Baroque
c. Realist
d. Romantic

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16. Question 012-21
(Points: 1)
In Romanticism, regardless of the subject matter, paintings revealed the artist's:

a. political opinion.
b. religious orientation.
c. individuality.
d. heritage.

17. Question 002-22
(Points: 1)
Wassily Kandinsky's Sketch I for Composition VII, is an example of:

a. Fauvism.
b. French Surrealism.
c. Italian Futurism.
d. German Expressionism.

18. Question 007-22
(Points: 1)
Using her work to struggle with the question of identity, Untitled #90, this photographer's images are self-portraits....
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