Artificial Neural Network

Topics: Neuron, Neural network, Artificial neural network Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: September 12, 2009
“Human Brain,” the most intelligent device on the Earth, is the driving force the ever progressive nature of the Human Species. This is only the reason why _Homo sapien_ has built variety of intelligent devices like supercomputers which can do billions and trillions of calculations each second. But still Human is not able to build a device which can actually mimic its brain. This idea of imitating human brain gave a new area of research known as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). INTRODUCTION:

The vision of making a device which could think like the human mind has always been the part of Science Fiction since time immemorial. In this process the first unforgettable breakthrough came with the concept of ‘The Analytical Engine’ which was developed by Charles Babbage in the mid 19th century. Since then the evolution of computers has taken various leaps. Today in the 21st century we are working with Supercomputer. The moulding of a simple calculator into a Supercomputer has been very startling. But still we have not completely achieved the main objective. This is a reference to Artificial Neural Network which is altogether an emerging field. WHAT IS AN ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK?

The only Neural Network we are aware of as of now is the Brain. Human is on his path to develop such a system which can learn itself. This gadget will be able to think and make decisions based on its already gained experience and knowledge. Def: An Artificial Neural Network is a structure composed of number of interconnected units, called Artificial Neurons, each of which has an input/output characteristics and implements a local computation or functionalities loosely based upon animal neuron. WHY ANN?

The notion of computing takes various forms. Historically, computing has been dominated by concept of Programmed Computing, in which algorithms are designed and subsequently implemented using the current dominant architecture. An...
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