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1. Title of the Article:
Taking Responsibility
2. Author:
Patrick Guntensperger
3. Explain in two or three sentences why you have chosen this article. I have chosen this article because I concerned about the environment. Not everybody can have a good way on taking responsibility to the environment; and this article shows us how to do it. Therefore, I want to know what I have to do as my planetary liabilities.

4. Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about. This article tells us that nowadays, people and industries do not really care about the sustainability of the resources they have exploited. The profit to be made is comes first. There are three types of resources; they are renewable resources, partially renewable resources, and nonrenewable resource. Regardless the types of resources, the exploiting agents have their own obligation. Industries may get an enormous profit by exploiting the fossil fuels; but, it is killing softly the environment of our planet.

5. What is the writer’s message or purpose in writing this article? Based on my analysis, what the writer tried to say is that human, as the actor behind the exploitation of natural resources, is actually attached responsibility. If people want to take something from the environment, it means that they also have

to do the planetary liabilities. For example, for those who make their living from theoretically renewable resources, they have to ensure that the resource is actually renewed.
6. Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review.
Now, I already know how to have a good way on taking responsibility to the environment. I think this article is clearly described what we have to do to the environment as our planetary liabilities. We are not allowed to exploiting the natural resources without...
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