Article Analysis: Got to Get You into My Life: Do Brand Personalities Rub Off on Consumers? by Park and John

Topics: Brand, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: March 20, 2011
If I am a brand, how would you get to know me? How would you get to like me? How might you develop real feelings for me? Brands today are just like human personality, it is both distinctive and enduring. Imagine a Harley- Davidson tattoo on your arm; would you perceive yourself to be more muscular or less muscular than before? In the article, the authors revealed that brand personality do “rub off” onto some consumer who hold certain beliefs about their personality- entity theorist in particular. In this paper, I will be discussing the research topic and the methods used and explore the practicability of the article.

Park and John investigated how consumers respond to brand personality and introduce implicit self- theories (entity theory and incremental theory) as an important factor in understanding consumers’ response to brand personality. In addition, they conducted experiments to provide support for the rationale underlying their predictions. Four studies are conducted to test their predictions. For the purpose of this paper, I will elaborate the independent and dependent variables as well as the findings according to the experiments conducted.

Incremental theorists view their personal qualities as malleable, which they can improve through their own efforts and seek opportunities for self- improvement and growth. In contrast, entity theorists believe that their personal qualities are fixed, which they cannot improve through their own direct efforts and seek for opportunities to signal their positive qualities to the self or others.

Study 1 aims to investigate the impact of implicit self- theories on Victoria’s Secret’s (VS) brand personality. Three personality traits (good-looking, feminine, and glamorous) which most strongly associated with the brand are used to measure self- perceptions. The self- perceptions after carrying the shopping bag is used as the dependent variable, with implicit self- theory, experimental condition and...
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