Art Work Paintings

Topics: Art, Music, Modernism Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: February 3, 2013
What is art is the question at hand. To me art is a way a person expresses themselves with their creativity and imagination. To me art is life, emotion, beauty; it basically can’t be defined as just one definition in my point of view.

Art illustrates all that a person is and all that a person could be. Art could be of the past, present as well as the future; I feel that what we do, see, or may hear throughout our daily lives can influence art. Art is an impossible bliss of the body, mind, and soul.

I feel that we as people are a work of art because the way we dress and talk could be a form of art within a person, also just like the pieces of art work paintings and sculptures we as people are also hard to define. I’m not an artist and I never really knew why some paintings or sculptures ever got into some art museums. I’ve seen paintings that just looked like splashed paint on a canvas and I never really understood why they were considered a piece of art work, because I felt as if I could splash some paint on a canvas and call it a work of art, but I realized that paintings like that really have a deeper meaning to it in the eyes of the artist and the people who really understand art.

Art could come in the form of anything, for example dancing music, drawings, theater ect... Firstly, one can see art through acting. Acting is a performance in which one disguises themselves and become a different individual. Acting is an expression of oneself. This act can be seen in plays, on Television and in movies. Acting is important to a society for it provides an escape route as well as a form of entertainment. Without acting there would be more boredom. Many rely on going to plays as well as watching television. Without these forms of art, it would be difficult for one to stay entertained. Acting is a form of art that is important to a society. Secondly, music is a form of art. Song writers and singers use their talent to make music. Music is in spring and...
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