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Topics: Pottery, Apollo, Color Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Comparing Chuisi Painter (attributed to), Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora, showing Herakles fighting Apollo for the Delphic Tripod; Herakles fighting Triton, 520-500 BCE with 970.2: Timokrates Painter (attributed): Attic White-ground Lekythos with Women carrying funerary gifts to the cemetery, 460 BCE In the first graph, the author takes old-age composite type, profile head with frontal eyes, torsos and profile legs and arms, in that way artist can represent core part of the figure. This vessel is composed of black-figure. But the interesting part is painter did not divide the surface of vase into a sense of horizontal bands. Instead, he placed figures of monumental stature in a single large framed panel. At the left, I guess, is Herakles, who is trying to get Delphic Tripod form Apollo. Apollo is armed, which indicates a battle would be happen. Their shields are nearby. Each man is ready for action at a moment’s notice. Which shows “ the clam before the storm” is the antithesis of the Archaic preference for dramatic action. Although black figure it is, within dark silhouettes, there are incised details. Before talking about the second vessels, a concept should be noticed here, that is red-figure. Instead of using the same black glaze for figures, artists used glaze to creat silhouettes. In the second vessel, the painter outlined the figure and then colored the background white. First the painter covered the pot with a slip of very fine white clay, then applied black glaze to outline the figures, and diluted brown, purple, red and white to color them. Also in the white-ground vessel, artist could use other colors- for example, in the vessel provided here, the artist used black and yellow. However, because Greek have no idea about how to make these vessel withstand the heat of the kiln, white-background vessels are usually short-term use.
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