art of the 15th century

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Alba Mizaku
Feature-New Teachers
New Faces& Where they came from
A new school year began, however a little different than the previous year before. Kids are roaming throughout the halls trying to make their way through to their next class. Unfamiliar faces appear on every corner. Freshmen are claiming that their teachers are from Mars! The year started off a little hectic, but what exactly made this year so different? Quite possibly, our overcrowded student population could be a reason, or better yet all the new teachers whom came to Forest Hills high school this year. With thirteen new teachers in the building, students are subject to be pickier. Maybe they want to replace a certain teacher they’ve had for two years and try someone new? Whatever the reason is, every single one of our brand new teachers is certified and most ready to teach here at Forest Hills. How do our new teachers feel about working here? One of our new English teachers, Daniel Mandlekorn, described his first day of work as “hectic, but good.” Mandlekorn first taught in Francis Lewis High school in Flushing, Queens. He felt that “there were not enough classes to teach” in Francis Lewis so he quit and came here to Forest Hills for a better opportunity. Mandlekorn stated that he is “glad to end up in one of the best high schools.” Not only did he compliment our fine school, but he does not regret his decision of working in Forest Hills. Another one of our new teachers in the English department is Adam Bergstein. Bergstein received his Masters degree in Stony Brook University in Long Island. He went from running a restaurant to a more “legitimate career” as a teacher. Bergstein’s techniques to inspire students are “trying to show them how literature relates to their own life or events that occur in their life.” New methods of teaching will increase a student’s attention rate in learning and succeeding. Mrs. Mason is one of our new teachers in the Special Education department. Her first day...
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