Topics: Color, Color theory, Penang Pages: 13 (3802 words) Published: January 23, 2015

University of Hertfordshire

Inti International College Penang
Art Appreciation (ART 105)
Individual Assignment (Project 2)

Name: Lim Shi Ning
IC.No: 930829-08-5044

a) Artwork 1

b) i)Title of the artwork – Flower Stall In Kampung

ii)Name of the artist – Zakariah Noor

iii)Media – Oil On Canvas

iv)Date of origin – 1993

c) Content:
In the artwork above, two ladies could be seen operating a flower stall under a big tree beside the narrow dirt road. One of the ladies operating the flower stall is wearing a pink head scarf and she is older of the pair. There are three female customers consisting of two adults and a child currently at the store. Two more females could also be seen walking away from the flower stall. All the characters in the artwork are seen wearing traditional Malay clothing. The older lady operating the flower stall has a lot of facial expression and she is currently packing a bouquet of flowers together. The younger lady operating the flower stall is sitting on her left with a rattan basket on her lap. There are some flowers in her rattan basket and she is packing them together. The lady customer with a young child is busy choosing the flowers she wants from the basket placed in front of her while the other lady customer is still deciding on what flowers she wants.

d) Technical Innovations:
This artwork consists of a lot of texture. The canvas itself has a rough surface and oil based paint will leave behind some medium after it was dried. By using oil on canvas, the artist is able to create an artwork which rich in actual texture after it was completed. The artist had also created value in this artwork. The characters and objects in the artwork shows value as each of them have a combination of light and darkness tone on them. The artist had used a combination of different values of the same colour when painting the characters and objects. The artist had used a lot of pigmentation in creating this artwork. As a result, this artwork is rich in colour. The artist had also minimised the space in this artwork. There is very little distance between the characters and objects in the artwork but the artist had made the characters further away smaller to show that their position is further away. As a result, the artwork gives a very compact yet realistic feeling to its audience.

e) Opinion about the artwork
i) Subject matters:
All the people in this artwork are seen wearing a type of traditional Malay clothing known as the ‘Baju Kurung’. The background also features a lot of trees and a dirt track, indicating that there is a high chance that this scene is located in the countryside rather than in the more developed cities. In my opinion, the artist is trying to tell us that this is a scene from a Malay village located in the countryside. The main characters of this artwork are the old lady and young lady running their flower stall and the supporting characters would be the few customers at the stall. The background of the artwork is yellowish in colour, indicating that the time could be in the evening. In my opinion, the two ladies had set up their stall under a big tree to seek shelter from the hot evening sun as it is uncomfortable and it will cause the flowers to wilt faster. The lives of the people living in this village are simple as they could work as selling flowers by the roadside to support themselves. They are not bound by the rules and regulations normally found in the busy city life as portrayed in the artwork above. There are no local law enforcers to chase them away despite they are trading without a proper premise or license. This scene would not appear in large cities as city councils requires the sellers to obtain an official permit to be displayed at their stall or the city council will send in their people to chase them away or confiscate their goods. The flowers are separated based on their...
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