Around the World in 80 Days Summary in Mind Map

Topics: Color, In Cold Blood, Boy / Pages: 6 (1348 words) / Published: Dec 6th, 2012
(1)A blue-eyed boy meaning :a man who is liked and admired by someone in authority. example :He was very much the blue-eyed boy in the office
(2)A golden handshake meaning :a large sum of money which is given to someone when they leave a company, especially if they are forced toleave example :The manager got early retirement and a £600,000 golden handshake when the company was restructured.
(3)A golden appornitey meaning :an excellent oppurtunity that is not likely to be repeated example :
(4)A skeleton in the cupboard meaning :an embarrassing secret example :If you want to be a successful politician, you can't afford to have too many skeletons in your cupboard.
(5)at the eleventh hour meaning :at the last possible moment example :The company and union settled the strike at the eleventh hour.
(6)Bad blood meaning :unpleasant feelings between people example :There was much bad blood between the three brothers.
(7)Bark up at the wrong tree meaning :to make a wrong assumption about something example :The police are barking up the wrong tree in their investigation of the criminal.
(8)Black and white meaning :either good or bad, either one way or the other way but not in between example :Our boss sees everything in black and white although he knows this is impossible.
(9)black out meaning :to faint or pass out example :Suddenly the young woman blacked out while she was standing in front of the computer.
(10)Black sheep (of the family) meaning :a person who is a disgrace to a family or group example :The man is the black sheep in his family and has not made a success of his life.
(11)blue blood meaning : a royal blood example :
(12)blue in the face meaning :to be exhausted and speechless. example :You can argue with him until you are blue in the face but you will never change his mind.
(13)blue ribbon meaning :of superior quality or distinction, the best of a

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