Army Organizational Structure

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Army Organizational Structure

1. What is the organizational design of US Army?

They have a matrix structure. Here the different functions are interlinked with different subsystems. There are three main subsystem in the organization:
• Production subsystem: Secure raw material from the resource environment and convert it into the intermediate goods required by Combat subsystem. Its further subsystems are: ← Training and doctrine command

← Army Materiel Command
← Installation operations
← Functional Commands
← HQDA support specialty commands

• Combat subsystem: Convert the Army's intermediate products into mission-ready forces. • Integrating subsystem: it integrates all the subsystem together. It decides what is to be produced or accomplished by the whole system

2. Describe the organizations structure with respect to all the dimensions.

Complexity: The organization is complex in structure. The structure is divided horizontally according to the functions and the subsystems. There is a army's designated MACOMs associated to the various subsystems

Centralization: The decision making is centralized ultimately

Formalization: The organization is formal in nature with lots of rules and procedures used to integrate the system. The jobs are standardized.

Integration: It is well integrated through rules and procedures, plans and orders and establishment of task forces.

3. Why does the army feel the need for realignment in the structure? The realignment focuses on changes to major command relationships within existing ARSTAF, creation of new ARSTAF positions and realignment of Field Operating Agencies.

• Army feels the organization structure actually complicates the achievement of the required differentiation and performance. Like ARSEC and ARSTAF directorates seems to be duplicating each other. ← This is mainly found because of job not clearly defined and roles overlapping. ← Existence of too many subsystems.

• The structure was complicated by the creation of too many subsystems. • The hierarchy or the authority also is not clearly defined, which leads to realignment.

4. What according to you can be a suitable structure for the organization?

The environment in which the organization is working is highly uncertain. The need to make
decision very quick and accurate is very high. Hence an organization must be: • Jobs clearly defined and roles clearly defined
• The organization to work on mutual adjustment. The critical decision making to be decentralized. • Fast to respond to uncertainties
← Task force


Survival: By the term survival we mean whether the organization has enough resources to meet its business requirements.

• Final test of an organizations effectiveness is survival(for)

Every organization fights for the survival. All the organization when it makes is strategy to win the market, to gain the market share, to fight against the competitors, to go global etc, all that the organization is looking for is to make a place for him where he can survive. All the strategies comes from the fear of not loosing or not surviving.

When we look at the Michael porters competitive forces model. He talks about the new entrants, bargaining power of the supplier, bargaining power of the customer, the substitute products and the competitors. And we make the strategy we make our strategy keeping all such forces in mind. What is driving competition in the current or future industry? What are the current or future competitors likely to do and how will we respond? How can a company best posture itself to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage?

All these questions come only when we have the fear of dying in this competition. Hence every organization ultimately sees is the question...
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