Aristo Interactive Geography Book 2 Question Bank Chapter1

Topics: Greenhouse gas, World energy resources and consumption, Global warming Pages: 12 (2578 words) Published: July 6, 2013
Section 1Weather and climate – do they matter?
Data Based Questions

Study the following newspaper and then answer the questions.

|2009 among the hottest years in Hong Kong history | |With an average temperature of 23.50C, 2009 was probably the ninth-hottest years in Hong Kong Observatory's records.| | | |The past decade has been the hottest decade in the city's history. The Observatory attributed this to global warming| |and dense urban development. | |The past decade has also seen hot weather occurring more frequently than the previous one. Between 2000 and 2009, | |134 "very hot days" of 330C or higher were recorded, compared with 89 days between 1990 and 1999. | |The number of "hot nights" rose from 183 to 201 during the same period. Hot nights, when the daily minimum | |temperature fails to drop below 280C, are measured by the Observatory. | |The steadily warming weather is also affecting the growth of plants. A native shrub that sheds its leaves in winter | |and sprouts in spring, was found to be sprouting new leaves near Shek Pik Reservoir in mid-December. The Taiwan | |cherry, a foreign species that usually blooms in February, has been found flowering in Tai Po's Kadoorie Farm as | |early as December for the past few years. | |4 January 2010 |

a.What are the threshold temperatures for “very hot days” and “hot nights” respectively? (2 marks)
_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ b.Calculate the percentage increase in number of “very hot days” and “hot nights” between 1990-1999 and 2000-2009.(2 marks) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ c.According to the Hong Kong Observatory, what are the reasons for an increase in average temperature in recent years? Explain briefly.(4 marks) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ d.How does an increasing temperature affect the growth of plants?(2 marks) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ e.The following map shows the impacts of increased warming in different parts of the world. Identify THREE mistakes by putting a “(” in the appropriate boxes. Correct these mistakes appropriately.(6 marks) [pic]

Marks: ______/16
a.“very hot days” – 330C
“hot nights” – 280C
b.% increase in “very hot days”: 50.6%
% increase in “hot nights”: 9.8%
c.Global warming and dense urban environment. / Increased emission of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles and / electricity production have intensified the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. / A dense urban environment makes the dispersion of heat difficult. d.The growth cycle of plants has changed. / The sprouting of leaves and flowering come earlier. e.

◆ Africa: Decrease in food production / more famines / more droughts ◆ Europe: More heat waves as temperatures become higher in summer ◆ Tropical regions: Infectious diseases spread more easily with higher temperature ##

Study the following...
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